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Dr. Favero



Expert in Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Gary Favero has lived in Kittitas County his whole life. After growing up playing basketball and battling reoccurring back pain, Dr. Favero experience his first chiropractic care visit and after consistent treatment he finally knew what a healthy body felt like! Dr. Favero attended Life Chiropractic College-West and graduated in 1998. In 2003, he opened Ellensburg Chiropractic. When asked what he loves most about the office, Dr. Favero said the following: “nothing charges me more than knowing treatment at my office provides patients with hope and relief. All too often patients come in full of despair, using chiropractic as an option after other efforts have failed. I am excited to see new patients, but what really keeps me going is seeing those patients become happy, healthy, and hopeful members of our community.” When he is not in the office helping our community gain greater health, he can be found spending quality time with this wife and kids, hunting and wondering around in the great outdoors.

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